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Body and Mind Hacking (An experience with physical therapy and conferences.)

So recently I went to the excellent ng-conf in Salt Lake City, Utah. Going to conferences has always been something that I have enjoyed to one degree or another, and ng-conf was no different. The people have a passion for what they do, and how they do it. Except for one person, which I will … Continue reading »

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Gaming again, it’s been… a little while.

I posted this on G+ just a bit ago, and realized that I wanted to save this at least for me. Last night I rolled up a character for my first ever Pathfinder game, and my first non-convention game since The Game Master Show ended a few years ago. It was fun to get back … Continue reading »

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On a positive note…

Reviewing the last several posts, it would appear that for a few months that I have been in the doldrums of despair. While that is partly true, it is not where I have spent the majority of my time. At work, I’ve been working on several projects dealing with online video, digital publishing, and helping … Continue reading »

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Fear is holding me back

I’ve know this for a while. That fear of failure, fear of not making monthly bills, fear of not raising my kids right and not being with them as much as I can, fear of rejection¬†As I said. I’ve known this for a while. I struggle with myself to break the habits that I have … Continue reading »

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