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  • Making your own positives in the face of negatives.

    Things have been rather up and down for me lately. Overall, on the up side luckily, but still too much up and down for what I like. Ups: I have a writing project that is nearing completetion that I will talk about soon. At work, I am on a new client project that is challenging…

  • The perils of DIY

    The perils of DIY

    Given how long the economy has been repressed as it has, a lot of people have turned to doing it themselves (DIY). The DIY ethic has been rekindled here in the United States in a big way. With sites like Instructables, Makezine, and Thingiverse helping to push things along. As you are probably aware, I…

  • Inspiration

    As I am embarking on new creative endeavors, and rekindling older ones, this comes along at just the right time. Neil Gaiman – Inspirational Commencement Speech at the University of the Arts 2012 Create. Write. Make. Do. Be. [GARD] Related posts: No related posts.

  • DIY Laser Cutter from spare parts.

    Here’s a little project I have been working on, a DIY laser cutter. I’m waiting for the laser, so right now I’ve tested it with a pen. Major credit goes to this Instructable: It’s been a fun build, and improved my soldering skills for future projects. I plan on using it for cutting out vinyl…