Today I continue my search for the perfect job.

I say continue, because in this economy and with the shakeups at my last, as of today, employer, I thought it would be prudent to start putting out feelers to see what the market for someone with my Flex, Flash, and web development skills would be. It’s fairly lukewarm, but jobs do still seem available.

As you might have gathered, I was just recently laid off. It was the second of the most recent round of cuts, and about a dozen people were let go, including some very senior staff. It seems that I was on the list of people that were compensated well, and they are trying to cut costs.

My intent on this new series of posts is to be positive about the job search, to get my name out there, and lastly, to give myself a routine during the day so that I keep moving forward with my life and career, rather than letting things stagnate. So you can expect this and other blog posts, once a day until I get a new job. They might continue after that, but how about we decide that after getting over this first hurdle. Getting the job. The one rule I have for these posts, is that they are positive. They may relay bad news, but I am going to strive to look on the bright side of things instead of wallowing in self pity or some nonsense like that. (I’ve already done that in my past, and let me tell you, it doesn’t work. It also has a tendency to make you stink. Which does not help your chances of getting a job.)

First post, and new music…

How to start this blog? Just start it…

A friend of mine from childhood has been in a band (AriAri) for quite some time now, but until today I had never heard any of her songs. The band has since broken up, and reformed under a new name (We Are Hex).

Until I started listening today, I thought “Cool, my friend Jill is in a band.” Then I started listening to her music, and now I think “Freaking AWESOME! My friend Jill is in a band, and she ROCKS!”.

Go and listen…

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