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  • Where you can find me at Balticon 46.

    This weekend I will be at Balticon 46 in Hunt Valley, MD. http://balticon.org If you happen to be going, I’ll be on the panel and podcast below. I’ll also be attending a fair amount of other sessions and hanging out in the bar when I’m not busy. See you there! Sunday, 6:00 pm (50 Minutes)…

  • Communication, the podcast – Writing and editing for the first time.

    Today I talk about writing, rewriting, and the novel that I co-wrote over the last year with Katherine Guevara. Related posts: No related posts.

  • Communication, the podcast – intro

    The first in a series of stream of conciousness podcasts aimed at consolidating my thoughts on development, writing, and communication. Related posts: No related posts.

  • Shadow People – part 3

    Here is the third installment of Shadow People. I have a few ideas on where the story should go from here, so it might be a bit before the next installment. If you want to read more of this story though, comment on it. Nothing motivates me more than people interested in the things that…