Like my friend Chris Miller, I’m working, no really, I’m working.

I’ve never been exceptionally good at keeping up with the blog here, even though this year started out fairly well. So in order to keep my momentum going, you know an object in motion tends to stay in motion, I am going to be writing these smaller updates in addition to when I get out my long tutorials and other long form posts.

I’m still working at Digital Primates and loving what I do there. I haven’t had much time while on the job to study up for the Flex Developer’s Certification, so I do that as much as I can from home. I need to take a practice test or two to see where I would score if I took the actual test, and where I need to focus my studies to make sure I pass.

Over the last several months I have worked more with the Flex Framework than I have ever before. I am so used to doing things in pure AS2 an AS3, that I had to retrain myself to look for things in the framework that were already waiting for me to just use them. Some of the people at DP also have been a great help in this. I’d thank them all here, but I’d really be thanking everyone at the company, so thanks guys.

Moving on into the late summer, I am still working on my augmented reality project. My friend and now co-worker (he’s an intern at Digital Primates), Joe, is helping me work through the FLARToolkit. Making things make sense, and finding out where we can speed things up. Optimization was the main topic last week. This week it was me solo, but I was able to get DAZ3D models into our app. Definitely need more optimizing there (15 Meg for a model! jeesh!).

Oh, and I am also now a contributor to the FLARToolkit’s repo. Haven’t submitted anything yet, but I should before the next post. So with, this is the second open source project that I am currently active in.

I may get out another post before Gen Con, so stay tuned.

My summer project – augmented reality and Flash

I was inspired recently by a man who doesn’t even know I exist (probably). That man is Saqoosha, and he lives in Japan. Some of what he does is develop the FLARToolkit.

If you haven’t seen or heard about augmented reality or the FLARToolkit, I suggest you head over to his site and take a look, or Google about it. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

So about three weeks ago I started looking into this technology and it just grabbed me. It grabbed me so hard and was shoving thoughts into my brain that I had to do something about it, thus, the summer project.

I roped another developer, Joe Adkins, into working with me, and together we are digging into the toolkit, looking at other libraries that people are creating, and in general right now getting our hands dirty with code. Right now I have code under my fingernails, code in my hair, and I dream about the toolkit at night.

You might be wondering what it is that I am actually doing with my summer project. Well, I am not going to tell you, yet. It’s still too early. Though as the name implies, I expect to have the first version done by the end of summer.

Stay tuned though, since I intend on posting some work in project shots, and maybe even a few working demos.

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