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  • FlexUnit 4 – Starting out

    For any of you familiar with FlexUnit 1, Fluint, or FlexUnit 4, move along. This is probably going to be so simple you will scoff at it. For those of you who haven’t started out with any unit testing, especially the new FlexUnit 4, then read on. First: FlexUnit 4 has NOTHING to do with […]

  • Like my friend Chris Miller, I’m working, no really, I’m working.

    I’ve never been exceptionally good at keeping up with the blog here, even though this year started out fairly well. So in order to keep my momentum going, you know an object in motion tends to stay in motion, I am going to be writing these smaller updates in addition to when I get out […]

  • Kevin Schmidt – Uploading Files in Flex – Flex Camp Chicago 2009

    Getting these episodes out to you has been difficult lately, so I am going to be doing a little less production work on them to get them out faster. What that means is that I will be doing less intro and getting straight to the speaker, and also not doing quite as much with the […]

  • My summer project – augmented reality and Flash

    I was inspired recently by a man who doesn’t even know I exist (probably). That man is Saqoosha, and he lives in Japan. Some of what he does is develop the FLARToolkit. If you haven’t seen or heard about augmented reality or the FLARToolkit, I suggest you head over to his site and take a […]