Flex and ColdFusion 101 – Jeff Tapper – Flex Camp Chicago 2009

In the spirit of getting these out to you faster, but still much slower than I want to, here is the fifth session of Flex Camp Chicago 2009. It is Flex and Cold Fusion 101 with Jeff Tapper.

Integrating Flex with Java and PHP – Shashank Tiwari – Flex Camp Chicago 2009

This is the fourth session of Flex Camp Chicago 2009 with Shashank Tiwari on integrating Flex with Java and PHP.

As with the other sessions, this one was well presented and informative. I learned from it and I hope you will as well.


Pseudopod 149: Mira

I recently read again for one of my favorite podcasts Pseudopod. I thought some of you might enjoy it too.

By Michael James McFarland

Read by David Moore

I won’t go into the details surrounding my dismissal from a well-known East Coast brokerage firm. other than to say I inadvertently let slip some information of a rather sensitive nature and, when it came down to drawing the line, the firm was more interested in maintaining their reputation than my livelihood.

Of course they were. But I didn’t exactly walk away empty-handed. They were all very civilized. There were no black marks on my resume; hell, they even found me another job. At a much smaller firm in Seattle.

And that’s where I met Mira, who this tale is really about.

Links mentioned: Closing music by Hopeful Machines, a side project of Ego Likeness Promo for Crescent, by Phil Rossi, rushing Amazon charts on July 9, 2009