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  • Communication

    For a while now I’ve been thinking on communication. How, despite my father being a professor of communication for all of my life, I don’t seem to be an expert in it. In some cases, I’m not good at it at all. This is definitely my failing, not my father’s, just trying to put things […]

  • Is it really “The Grind” when you are having a ball? – Day 12

    So my interview is probably postponed until January 5th or after due to the holidays and people being out of the office. This isn’t really a surprise, since I have been through this part of the year when I was contracting before. Since I have the one freelance contract right now, I’ll be fine until […]

  • Fallout 3

    So recently I have been playing Fallout 3. I have been hooked on the series since it’s unofficial progenitor, Wasteland (with Michael Stackpole – http://www.stormwolf.com – as one of it’s designers) caught my eye and stole my hours as a youth. I’ve been a fan, but never actually finished Fallout, or Fallout 2. I dabbled […]