Twitter Updates for 2007-05-03

  • At work, late, stupid me for getting a flat tire, stupid flat tire, stupid flat *spare* tire! #
  • @jaegamer I haven’t had a flat in a while, can’t believe I hit that curb. #
  • @mdrandom It’s fine, but I’m all good. #
  • @kilroy2_0 I comply. #
  • @mur I think I need a tiara. #
  • @squach You won’t need it, but good luck. #
  • Lunch? What a novel idea. I think I will procure myself some. #
  • I was thinking the h4, and perhaps 2 XLR mics. #
  • @mdrandom How about we see how Origins works out, and decide from there. #
  • Ok, lunch now… really… #
  • @mdrandom I don’t mind that at all… #
  • Ok, really, I am going to lunch now… #
  • I have lunch, now to eat it. #
  • @mightymur How will you last the hour?! #
  • I feel like I am late for something: listening to “Dave, Where Are you Dave?” by Beatnik Turtles. #
  • @planetretcon Was that you on Buffy Between the Lines: Slayer vs. Watcher? #
  • Realizing that today is representative of what it will be like after Tabz moves. #
  • I loved it… #
  • @planetretcon I loved it… #
  • @planetretcon The only think I don’t like about Planet Retcon, is that the shows don’t come out fast enough. 🙂 #
  • @clairebennet That is going to be one of our new segments actually. Want to be the first one critiqued? #
  • @planetretcon If you ever want/need bit part voice talent, let me know! #
  • @clairebennet Do you record your sessions, or are they the online games you do? #
  • Portable hard drive failing, this is not my day. #
  • @mdrandom Just a drop ceiling, though I haven’t been outside in a while. #
  • I did have a nice walk to the train station this morning. #
  • Listening to Fear the Boot, and also trying to meet my deadline. #
  • @squach I don’t like editing, which is why my efforts have been put forth to edit as little as possible. #
  • @tabz Sweet! #

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