I want to playtest!!!

Ok, Mick and I are still very very early in our design process, but I am impatient type of person and I want to start playing/playtesting NOW.

My questions to the faceless void are: Is this too early to playtest? Will we get any useful information out of it? Is playtesting this early really just playing for my own amusement? Is that even a problem?

If you even read this, let me know.

2 responses to “I want to playtest!!!”

  1. I think it’s worth it, yeah! It can do nothing but help at this point. We have to playtest our playtest so that the playtest we take to Indy is good enough to give us useful information.

    So go for it!

  2. You know, it’s never too early or too late to playtest, in my experience.

    The “preplay-test” concept is something I used to good effect with Changeling. Some friends of mine and I did a freeplay version of Changeling before Changeling had any rules at all. I knew exactly what feel I wanted, but I had no clue what structures would be needed to support play. As a result of this pre-playtest, I was able to determine some rule structures that were needed and some disambiguation that was required: stuff like, what was the Glamour and how did you use it? This beginning play helped me understand the just-below-the-surface problems. However, it can be a distraction to the serious business of getting The Thing Down On Paper….warning, will robinson!

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