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Body and Mind Hacking (An experience with physical therapy and conferences.)

So recently I went to the excellent ng-conf in Salt Lake City, Utah. Going to conferences has always been something that I have enjoyed to one degree or another, and ng-conf was no different. The people have a passion for what they do, and how they do it. Except for one person, which I will … Continue reading »

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On a positive note…

Reviewing the last several posts, it would appear that for a few months that I have been in the doldrums of despair. While that is partly true, it is not where I have spent the majority of my time. At work, I’ve been working on several projects dealing with online video, digital publishing, and helping … Continue reading »

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Fear is holding me back

I’ve know this for a while. That fear of failure, fear of not making monthly bills, fear of not raising my kids right and not being with them as much as I can, fear of rejection¬†As I said. I’ve known this for a while. I struggle with myself to break the habits that I have … Continue reading »

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Life, it’s never dull.

[Warning: This is an update post, and may ramble a bit. Carry on!] Things at the tail end of this year have certainly been interesting. Interesting times indeed, in all of the senses of the word. You’ve read hear about some of the things that have gone on, and if you haven’t I invite you … Continue reading »

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