Journal the day

This is first of something I have wanted to do for a while, mainly so I would get back into writing more often. I’m going to do a short journal of the day. It’s not in any particular format or content, just a journal of things that I did that day.

Today I crammed the start of a bunch of projects. I am sure not all of them will be continued, but I’ve been feeling bored lately and wanting to *do* something.

Here’s the list of projects:

  • Complete rewrite of a friend’s site called Mechanical Wars, using Angular and Nest with NX tooling. It’ll have the additional advantage of getting me more experience with NX and Nest.
  • Bought the Unity 2019 Humble Bundle and started learning Unity.
  • Began a dashboard/grid library project to be used as a library to other Angular projects. Again, using Angular and NX. It’ll also force me to learn more CSS and Sass.

I’ve also done a little woodworking, making cubes for Erin’s upcoming lesson she is teaching. I may have to make boxes to accommodate the larger sized cubes she needs.

The puppy Zeke has been a handful today and has Erin and I a bit on edge. He’s not wanting to be in his playpen, but we can’t let him out for long since he still isn’t house-trained. He’s also teething and seems to find Erin a good chew toy. I seem to have been able to curb that habit with me, but I’m not sure why he still wants to bite Erin.

That’s it for today! I’ll see if I can make this a habit.

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