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Gaming again, it’s been… a little while.

I posted this on G+ just a bit ago, and realized that I wanted to save this at least for me. Last night I rolled up a character for my first ever Pathfinder game, and my first non-convention game since The Game Master Show ended a few years ago. It was fun to get back … Continue reading »

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The Cockroach Strikes!

I have loved all of the stories that have come out of Jared Axelrod, and these look to be no exception. If you haven’t already, and are a fan of costumed supers, villains, and good story, go and back this to get some great content. Related posts: No related posts.

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Making your own positives in the face of negatives.

Things have been rather up and down for me lately. Overall, on the up side luckily, but still too much up and down for what I like. Ups: I have a writing project that is nearing completetion that I will talk about soon. At work, I am on a new client project that is challenging … Continue reading »

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Fallout 3

So recently I have been playing Fallout 3. I have been hooked on the series since it’s unofficial progenitor, Wasteland (with Michael Stackpole – – as one of it’s designers) caught my eye and stole my hours as a youth. I’ve been a fan, but never actually finished Fallout, or Fallout 2. I dabbled … Continue reading »

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