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First contact with 4e.

Well, we finally played a short session. We didn’t record it, but here’s the main result. I liked it, it’s very different, and definitely like a board game, but as the GM, I liked it. The monster stats in the first module, and the monster manual ones as well, are excellent and nearly all you … Continue reading »

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Post Gen Con – Pre Dragon*Con, Vegas After Midnight, etc.

Ok, I had meant to post things earlier, but at least it’s sooner than the last gap was long. Gen Con was a blast, at least as good as last year, I would say baring a few things, even better than last year. Vegas After Midnight ran very well, and we got both exceptional feedback … Continue reading »

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Gen Con 2008 Day 2!

It’s been a looong time since I have last posted, but… I am at Gen Con 2008, day 2 (Friday). Mick and I have run Vegas After Midnight ( three times now, and it has been excellent. We have learned a lot of the rough spots, and already started sanding them down. We have loved … Continue reading »

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An experiment with Spirit of the Century

Ok, so last night was the first actual play night of my new fantasy campaign, and I am still surprised by the fact that I was able to convince the group to try out a new system other than DnD. What I am I using? You probably guessed by the title. I’m using the Fate … Continue reading »

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