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  • Writing some fiction for Vegas After Midnight

    Today, while waiting an hour in the dentist’s office (for a one minute appointment *arg*). I rewrote some fiction for Vegas After Midnight about Vic Dylan. I had written it before, but I can’t find the notebook or file it went into. So I re-listened to Decision by Mark Kinney, which is some other VAM […]

  • Starting fairly smoothly

    Well, Vegas After Midnight ( is starting off fairly smoothly. I have been picking Mick’s brain over on the private forums we have set up for that sort of thing. It should help keep information about VAM all in one place until we have a document set up to that. Plus, it helps me to […]

  • Vegas After Midnight – working when a state apart.

    I have the extreme pleasure of working with Mick Bradley of the Harping Monkey and the Rolemonkey’s on his concept of Vegas After Midnight. I have been excited about the concept since last year when Mick revealed it and had almost run a play by post game of it. I haven’t let go of the […]