Writing some fiction for Vegas After Midnight

Today, while waiting an hour in the dentist’s office (for a one minute appointment *arg*). I rewrote some fiction for Vegas After Midnight about Vic Dylan. I had written it before, but I can’t find the notebook or file it went into. So I re-listened to Decision by Mark Kinney, which is some other VAM fiction, and the inspiration for my piece, and went to work.

It’s not perfect, and I want to rewrite it to be from Vic’s perspective, rather than third person, but it’ll do for now. At least it is down on paper, and in the designer’s forum, so it shouldn’t get lost. While I was at it, I even started another piece, and I might even use it as the starting point for the playtest group I am putting together.

In other VAM news, I put a whole slew of questions up on the designer’s forum so that Mick can answer them, and I can get a better view of the setting. I think I have it down actually, but I feel like I am tromping through Mick’s flowerbeds every time I start to think of things for the setting that Mick hasn’t cleared yet. I want at least a direction, since it seems very clear in Mick’s head, so that I can head that way, and then at least if Mick shoots it down, I will probably only have part of it to re-write.

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