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  • Today I continue my search for the perfect job.

    I say continue, because in this economy and with the shakeups at my last, as of today, employer, I thought it would be prudent to start putting out feelers to see what the market for someone with my Flex, Flash, and web development skills would be. It’s fairly lukewarm, but jobs do still seem available. […]

  • Post Gen Con – Pre Dragon*Con, Vegas After Midnight, etc.

    Ok, I had meant to post things earlier, but at least it’s sooner than the last gap was long. Gen Con was a blast, at least as good as last year, I would say baring a few things, even better than last year. Vegas After Midnight ran very well, and we got both exceptional feedback […]

  • Gen Con 2008 Day 2!

    It’s been a looong time since I have last posted, but… I am at Gen Con 2008, day 2 (Friday). Mick and I have run Vegas After Midnight ( three times now, and it has been excellent. We have learned a lot of the rough spots, and already started sanding them down. We have loved […]

  • Update on VAM and podcasting

    Of late, I have been endeavoring to work on Vegas After Midnight and mostly been succeeding. I visited Mick for three days and we hashed out a bunch of stuff for the alpha testing. At least some initial stuff. We have a looong way to go, and getting time to write up what we talked […]