Update on VAM and podcasting

Of late, I have been endeavoring to work on Vegas After Midnight and mostly been succeeding. I visited Mick for three days and we hashed out a bunch of stuff for the alpha testing. At least some initial stuff. We have a looong way to go, and getting time to write up what we talked about is taking more time than I expected.

I rediscovered music lately as well. As a result, I have not kept up on the podcasts that I listen to, and my iPod doesn’t even fit them all. So I am going through them and listening now, and trying to catch up to the ones I want, and dumping the ones I know I won’t listen to. A few I am saving to listen to later, not important enough to listen to now, and not on my dump list.

We hope to get some initial documents out to the playtesters in the next week or so, so keep those fingers crossed, and blow on the dice.


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