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  • Upgrading from Angular 11 to 12 problems and solutions

    I was recently updating a very large enterprise project from Angular 11 to 12 using nx migrate. There were the expected changes from eslint to tslint, and the linting issues that show up under the new eslint to fix. There were also issues with Storybook, since this project also uses it and it needed updating […]

  • Using the micro frontend pattern in Angular (11)

    This is mainly for my own archival purposes, collecting all of the information I have gathered on MFEs in Angular in one place. If it helps you, great, let me know! I started this post in Angular 11, 12 has since come out and made many of the steps easier since it automatically uses Webpack […]

  • Digging into CSS variables at runtime

    I’ve had a need to be able to see how multiple CSS variables are computed at runtime. I’m dealing with interactions between SCSS and CSS variables so I needed to know what was happening. There are a few ways to do this in Chrome Dev Tools. One way is in the Styles inspector, you can […]

  • Journal the Day – April 12, 2020

    Journal the Day – April 12, 2020

    Whelp, didn’t make it a habit, unless you count seven months between posts. Work has been pretty heavy since that post. My current client is averaging 50 hours a week of work. I’m currently working on several projects outside of work in the spare time I have, but also to keep me sane outside of […]