Twitter Updates for 2007-03-29

  • Tired this morning, but at least able to spell. Unlike Mr. Miller. #
  • Harpo studio is just across town, but I am not sure if she still records there. I have enough podcasting that I do right now though. #
  • Ah, iced tea… my staple drink. #
  • @evo_terra No, I like being able to see what others are saying, if you want a PM, then just click the PM. #
  • Found it! Futura… you are mine! #
  • @NukeHavoc You are not cleared to play in Alpha Complex, Citizen. #
  • @NukeHavok Tomorrow I am finishing the first disk to Buffy – S1, I hadn’t seen it since it first aired, and I am remembering why I liked it. #
  • I love ice cream cake. #
  • Heading home… lots of stuff to do tonight: podcasting, Flex, kids, writing… maybe I can eat and sleep sometime in there. #

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