Twitter Updates for 2007-04-04

  • Looks like I will be moving departments from Dev over to Design in a month or so here at work. Not a bad thing… #
  • @ClaireBennet I’m glad you like it, we’re playing again this Sunday. #
  • @clairebennet I’m the GM. We also just started a podcast The Game Master Show, all about GMing and actual play sessions. #
  • @clairebennet Not a problem… #
  • @clairebennet I would almost suggest working with the character who time jumped, finding out what they would do in private email… #
  • @clairebennet I would then post the result as a cut scene for the rest of the players. #
  • @clairebennet That is definitely a problem in play by post games. For those sessions perhaps establish a goal, and let players post longer. #
  • @clairebennet I’ll keep thinking about it, and let you know what I come up with. #
  • Getting to lunchtime. Salad and Heroes Episode 3. #
  • Back from lunch. No pie, but there was Heroes! #
  • @NukeHavoc Aleve is a wonderful thing to me. #
  • My co-host is so cool. He is getting the new Zoom H4 today. DHL should deliver it soon. #
  • My daughters are so cool: #
  • @PGHolyfield I totally know what you mean. I have 1, and it is a pain. #
  • @nukehavoc What system is that out on? #
  • Shoot… it’s snowing again here. #
  • And thundering… interesting. #
  • @nukehavoc Ah those! I have a few packs from Gen Con last year’s goodie bag. Never played though. #
  • @ShannonFarrell Curse you and your good weather. Actually, just enjoy it for me. 🙂 #
  • @nukehavoc I would have loved to have had the ships when I was running my seafaring DnD game. Would have made battles more fun. #
  • @kjtoo You should write down what it is singing. Blood music is fairly rare. #
  • OMFG: Vampire: The Requiem for Dummies ?!?! #
  • @mdrandom *sigh* What is the world coming to when you have an instruction book, for an instruction book!!! #
  • Heading home… gotta relieve the granddad from watching the girls. #

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