Twitter Updates for 2007-04-07

  • Editing the podcast… #
  • Letting the Levelator do it’s work, I’m heading to bed. Good night all! #
  • Going back to editing. Today is kid’s day! Egg hunts, Tae Kwon Do, and being with Dada… #
  • The Game Master Show uploaded, just waiting for Feedburner to update and it will be live. #
  • @cmdln Watching Johnny and the Sprites with mine. #
  • @cmdln Johnny and the Sprites on Disney channel. It’s a puppet show. #
  • I have two, and am on a third. Today’s was The Game Master Show, I also do After Serenity, and am a crew member on The Signal. #
  • @cmdln The Game Master Show: After Serenity: The Signal: http://signal.serenityfirefly.c #
  • Ok, time to be off the computer for the day. Adios! #
  • Just got back from hunting eggs with the kids. Wow is it cold out. #
  • @mightymur I can see how you would think that Mur, R and D are really close on the keyboard, you probably just fat fingered your memory. #
  • @leann Ok I have to ask, why is your ceiling wet in the first place? Painting? #

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