Twitter Updates for 2007-04-10

  • @mightymur You would have to bring a god into this… #
  • @mightymur I would comment more, but I am a little afraid of being eaten by a swarm of insects. #
  • @mightymur Though I can see her point about Kate and the Sword. #
  • @jchutchins Did you get my email about the interview? I’m in Illinois and would love to help out. #
  • Thinking about working with Flex. The elder daughter is not going to bed however. #
  • @jchutchins nm, I should have read my email. #
  • @mdrandom I have a fax machine at home if you still need to fax it tonight. #
  • @pgholyfield What do you need? #
  • @pgholyfield Aside from a teaser of course (I can be dumb sometimes). #
  • Ok, Twitter just ate two of my tweets. #
  • @pgholyfield I just sent you an email about Flash help. #
  • @podcastpickle Do you just put in the email that is attached to the PayPal account? #
  • @pgholyfield I sent it to your (hope it was yours) Holyfield Designs web@ account. Don’t know if you had any other email accounts. #
  • Just finished the second episode of the Dresden Files. Good, but, I thought some of the stuff seemed a little contrived, and rushed. #
  • @tabz I think you are right… Mur’s Geek Fu is clearly superior, and tech items just cannot handle her aura. #

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