Twitter Updates for 2007-04-19

  • @tabz I am just about to record AS, want to send it to me? #
  • @tabz mp3 with good bitrate, since it will be smaller to deliver. #
  • @tabz Gah! I edited the podcast and totally forgot to put in the promo. How stupid am I? #
  • @mightymur Because you love doing it, and you can disappoint your bitches! #
  • @codeshaman You are entirely too cheerful. Do they have wifi in the woods? #
  • @tabz I got the promo into the podcast after all. #
  • @kjtoo Did Chris beat you at boardgames? I hope it is something as simple as that. #
  • @mdrandom I’m working from home today, mind if I stop by your place sometime? #
  • @clairebennet If you got the 2 second download, try downloading again. Not that it is much longer. #
  • @highmoon Evo asked and most of us answered. #
  • @nukehavoc I actually haven’t read them in years and was just about to pick up a new one to check it out. #
  • @nukehavoc I was certainly formative in my gaming youth. #
  • @codeshaman @nukehavoc Does this mean that advertisers are looking for gaming podcasts to advertise in? #
  • I propose that we all change our icons to Evo-cons. #

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