Twitter Updates for 2007-04-23

  • @kjtoo I haven’t seen any 3rd season, but 2nd season kinda left me cold. #
  • @tabz I find it weird that hearing about it on Twitter from you is the first I have heard of it. #
  • @tabz On a more philosophical note, a connection with your past has died, so I wouldn’t say it was weird. #
  • @tabz Are we watching Dresden Files this week? #
  • @tabz Please? #
  • @tabz w00t! I need more Dresden. I haven’t been able to pick up book 4 yet. #
  • Back from Dresden Files. Still really liking the series. #
  • @mightymur Mur, after seeing your IPSTD spot, I am proud to be your Bitch. #

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