Twitter Updates for 2007-04-26

  • Having a hard time being surprised by Drive being cancelled. #
  • Some days I seem to get nothing done. Today was one of those days. #
  • @geekacres Same here… I’m a bit behind. #
  • @geekacres Definitely… I wonder how old my oldest unlistened to one is. #
  • @tabz I can see what you mean, but I understand his point. #
  • @tabz Yep, you are. And FOX is out to make money, by putting out shows people like. #
  • @tabz Some people liked Drive, so they should be mad it was cancelled. #
  • @tabz Well, the down on Fan Fic is just inexcusable. 🙂 #
  • @tabz Agreed. #
  • @tabz Which is the reason I miss my MythTV. #
  • I love’s sales pitches. Here is part of the latest: “We hear Poland is turning out some pretty awesome ninjas lately.” #
  • @dragavan Cat’s have to take naps so they have enough energy for their main snooze. #
  • @jchutchins @tabz Is it SideJack, or Psy Jack? Perhaps I should check the website! #

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