Twitter Updates for 2007-05-01

  • @leann I know it’s a bit late, but: “But only when they’re green” #
  • Back from lunch, and back to work. #
  • @tabz Hey! I had dibs on those! I think? #
  • @mdrandom I have Don’t Rest Your Head, and you don’t. 😛 #
  • @mdrandom Don’t worry though, you can look at it later. 🙂 #
  • Ok, my Tweets are all messed up. #
  • @tabz Only if you stay in Chicago… #
  • @tabz “So I can get a glowing Bachi ball set.” #
  • @mdrandom PDF – and don’t worry, the Whispering Vault has need of your services. #
  • Portable drive acting funny, gotta shut it down. #
  • Sounds like more Dresden Files is in your future. #
  • @mdrandom I would like to run it, don’t care when. Though I like to GM. #
  • *sigh* Ok… Dibs on Dresden Files then! #
  • Forgetting the @mdrandom again… #
  • @mdrandom All but the season finale now! #
  • @mdrandom Speaking of which, I need to get another DF book from the library. #
  • Not more than $5 I would guess. #
  • @squach Not more than $5 I would guess, worth every penny. #
  • @tabz The top two are replacement lights, the last is the set. #
  • @mdrandom Are you getting press passes for Geek Corps? #
  • @mdrandom For Gen Con? #
  • @mdrandom My thought exactly. #
  • @tabz Scoobies… #
  • @clairebennet I like juice, I just can’t drink it right now, too many carbs. #
  • @clairebennet *grin* Actually, I like iTunes, though it is a resource hog. #
  • @tabz I don’t see anything strange with doing those things without kids at all. #
  • @tabz They so do not need kids, they just need to care and feed their inner geek. #
  • @tabz Yes it was, though I am sure I heard Mur do it before, somewhere. #
  • My daughter says “I scare boys.” #
  • Doing the Shutdown Dance. #

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