Twitter Updates for 2007-05-05

  • @mightymur I would, but I probably wouldn’t have the time in my schedule to actually call in. #
  • Quote from Slice of Sci Fi: “Schrek’s not fat, he’s ogre shaped!” #
  • Kids napping, it’s amazing what quiet sounds like. #
  • @nukehavoc Only if you play bocce in it. #
  • Spoke too soon, Teagan is awake now. #
  • Sleepy little girl smiles, gotta love ’em. #
  • @tabz Dude! Slice of Sci Fi just talked about you in the off air feed! #
  • @tabz They have a live feed that you can listen to when they record. #
  • @tabz They were on a down time (won’t go out on the podcast) and mentioned Buffy BTTL #
  • @tabz I didn’t catch much unfortunately, Summer mentioned it #
  • @tabz I was away from the computer at the time. #
  • @tabz Yep… I think it was about putting in your bumper. #
  • @sfeley I don’t think they announced it yet. #
  • Going to start the grill for dinner. Hmmm, ribs. #
  • Wondering how many friends Nibbler will have since he was mentioned on WI. #

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