Twitter Updates for 2007-05-10

  • Watching Donnie Darko, seems like one of those movies that are required viewing. #
  • Not sure if I will like it or not, but I like the music so far. #
  • @leann Since you seem to have my taste in media (“But only when they’re green”), I’ll trust you. #
  • @leann Though it is hard to watch when Happy Feet is on the main TV and your 4 year old is watching it. #
  • Frank is creepy. #
  • Finished Donnie Darko: interesting movie, going to take a mulling. Like the concept, kinda depressing. #
  • At work, working? Sure… #
  • @kjtoo Birthday? What?! Happy Birthday! #
  • Listening to Dragon’s Landing 80, and setting up the replacement computer. #
  • @mdrandom And of course, Happy Birthday Mario! I’ll be there Saturday for the party. #
  • @kjtoo You may now proudly proclaim your geek status at this venerable age. #
  • @kjtoo You can also claim to walk uphill both ways to school through snow. #
  • Gah… I hate it when people don’t merge their branches back in Subversion. #
  • Now I need to manually find out what changes go where. #
  • @kjtoo You know, there is a party today at work, I’m going to pretend that it is for you. #
  • Going to see about lunch soon. #
  • This should be every gamer’s must read: #
  • Listening to The Week in Whedon. #
  • @kjtoo Does that go for me too? I can be there in about 6 hours! #
  • @kjtoo I will do that, someone brought board games, I will play in your honor. #
  • Listening to TWiT… #
  • KJTOO de Mayo in 50 minutes! #
  • @mdrandom Sponsor?!? Email me with the nitty gritty! #

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