Update on Vegas After Midnight

So I said I would try out ScribeFire from the train, and I am. I thought I would add in some interesting information for those who are following the development of Vegas After Midnight as well, just to make things more interesting to you, the reader.

I’ve been working on a few things to get the alpha documents ready, and frankly I got sidetracked. Life sped up for a while, and I got distracted from VAM. I was working on a guide to the Factions, a re-written version of Dylan’s Guide to Vegas After Midnight, written by her brother Vic. Mick and I decided to do this since Mick’s vision of the Factions had changed since he put out the original Guide a while back. I’m doing the re-write so Mick can do some crunchy things with the system, and I can do some of the fluff. I was enjoying it, but as I said earlier, got sidetracked. I should start up on it again soon.

I was also working on the equipment section of the rules. We know we want equipment, more than the Spirit of the Century games we have played in recently, but not so much that the game becomes “How much stuff can you carry after Midnight.” So I’m keeping it lighter, but still interesting, and giving a reason for why characters would want equipment in the first place.

So… before I go on more, and possibly lose it all, I’ll end the experiment here. If it works, and I don’t lose this whole thing, then you can expect more from me, more frequently.


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