Job search, concluded. Verdict, success!

As some of you know, but some others might not, I am now employed full time again. It’s with an excellent company, Digital Primates. The company has some excellent people working there, and it has several Flex luminaries at it’s head. I’ll give you a moment to go over there and look, go ahead, I don’t mind.

Before I was hired, I thought I knew a fair amount about Flex, having been working with Flash AS2 for many years, and then moving over to Flex and AS3, it seemed more or less like a change in syntax, plus some nice things with the Flex framework that were definite improvements over the Flash IDE for developers.

I was wrong.

I thought I knew, but there is so much more that I didn’t know that I am humbled by the amount that I know is still there and the huge leap in knowledge that I have gained since working there for the few short weeks that I have been training there. Yep, you heard right, training. It’s been a while since I have worked at a job that cared enough about it’s employees, and it’s reputation enough to train new employees enough so that they can do the job right the first time.

I’ve had this blog post mostly written for at least a month now. So I am posting it here so you can get an update on what I have been doing. The rest of the post I will write up later. It will be about the Flex component framework. From what I understand, as soon as Flex 4 comes out later this year, that post may become out of date. I’ll be doing it anyway so I know it better, and there are probably more than a few people who will be using Flex 3 for a while after Flex 4 comes out. It’s just the nature of business to not upgrade right away.