360|Flex – An amazing experience.

So I got back from 360|Flex just the other day, and I am still excited about all of the people I met there, the things that I participated in, and the knowledge that I gained.

The sessions were nearly all good, I gained both knowledge and varying ways of presenting from them. I did record most of the sessions that I participated in, but since I am behind on getting Flex Camp Chicago recordings to you, and I didn’t get permission to post recordings, they won’t show up here. Don’t despair though, the Flex Show recorded all of the sessions and will be releasing them. When they do I will notify you here.

A note for all future presenters, if you use an internet connection for your presentation make sure you have a backup plan or can talk past it. I saw at least two presentations where the connection was too slow to be useful. One handled it smoothly, the other was derailed and was less engaging because of it.

I participated in the Charity Code Jam for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). It was an app that would track runners in a marathon via RFID and display the runners on the map. It also allowed coaches to look up and change runner information, volunteers to check in runners, and had an interactive mode for spectators to look up individual runners. It was an amazing time, and I met a lot of great developers of all skill levels. We got the app to about 70% for the Wednesday keynote speech, and since I had been up for more than 24 hours straight at that point I ended my participation there. The code is open source, and will be released for further development and use in other marathons. So when I find out where the project is going to be hosted, I will post that here too.

The people I met at the Charity Code Jam and around the convention are people that I look forward to keeping up with. They are developers of varying stripes. People that do pure Flex, some PHP, Perl, ColdFusion, you name it and I probably could tell you someone who did it. Definitely more on those folks as I gather the business cards, twitter handles, and email addresses for them.

As I keep saying, more to come in later posts. 360|Conferences is starting to host more conferences, so if you aren’t a Flex developer they probably will have a development conference for you at some point. Right now they have an iPhone developer conference, an RIA and mobile conferences are scheduled. The blog site for 360|Conferences is very basic right now, but don’t let that put you off. This conference was excellent and if I have the time I will be going to more.

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  1. Definitely not! So all of you reading this out there, a big thanks to my sister for putting up me and my friend Joe for the duration of the conference.

  2. Was great to have you hang with us! Not to mention saving the day when the batteries died in the Rock Band Guitar!

    Was a pleasure to see you and hang out! Hope to see you again at the next one!

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