How to make P2P apps without a server? RTFM… no RTMFP.

I recently gave a talk to the Chicago Flex User Group, and incidentally the LA user group. That last was quite unexpected, and simulcast as I gave the talk.

I spoke about RTMFP on mobile devices and computers using Adobe AIR and a local network to form a Peer To Peer network without a server.

I have the slides posted up on Slideshare, and the audio is here if you care to take a listen.

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  1. Hello Mr. Moore

    I am developing a simple app for filesharing. But I won’t use cirrus. The system works perfect in the local network just with .connect(“rtmfp:”); But I want to use the app also over the internet without cirrus. On slide 13 you show a work arround, but I can’t find any script examples or code, which explanes how it works. Can you send me the code or a link to the code.
    I will be deeply grateful


  2. I’ll look up the code when I can. It’s been a few years, but I plan on doing a project with it soon so when I find the code I’ll post it for everyone.

  3. Hey cool
    posting the code, would be so great.
    I am very excited

    Thanks in advance

  4. Ok, that took way longer than I expected for me to get to the code.

    Here’s the compressed files for it:

    I’ve also posted it up on GitHub here:

    The class you will want is the file. The issue you were running into was probably the IP mask. It has to start with 255, and have a port over 1024 to use UDP on the wireless. I can’t remember where I found that. Either a blog post or in the RTMFP spec itself.

  5. thanks for sharing your work. I think I will handle that with your example. Thank you very much for your advice.


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