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  • Machine Learning or The Robots are Coming!

    Machine Learning or The Robots are Coming!

    Lately I’ve been working on some interesting topics at work. Right now I am gearing up for a project starting in November that will utilize machine learning, and using what some call collective intelligence. “So what the heck is machine learning? Are you finalizing Skynet or your own robot army, David?” Well, first, let me…

  • How to make P2P apps without a server? RTFM… no RTMFP.

    I recently gave a talk to the Chicago Flex User Group, and incidentally the LA user group. That last was quite unexpected, and simulcast as I gave the talk. I spoke about RTMFP on mobile devices and computers using Adobe AIR and a local network to form a Peer To Peer network without a server.…

  • Developing AIR for Samsung TV on 64 bit systems.

    In my recent work, I’ve had the opportunity to work on AIR for TV and the new Samsung models of TVs/Blu Ray players. As part of testing with my fellow developers, we’ve needed to test on a variety of mobile platforms as well as an AIR for TV development box. Now though, the time has…

  • Communication – Flex User Group Talk and Flash Builder 4.5

    I talk about my upcoming Chicago Flex User Group talk, the Flash Builder 4.5 IDE, and my new, hopefully routine, walk schedule. Related posts: No related posts.