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  • Do I need to keep this up? Day 8

    Hi peeps! Today I had yet another interview, and it went quite well. I have already been informed that they wanted me back for a second interview as soon as tomorrow. Though given the weather, and the fact that the recruiter called me earlier and said Monday was also possible, I am thinking it will […]

  • Search nearly over – still day 7!

    Today I had my interview, it was with LifeSnapz, go there, check them out. I will be doing some Flash/Flex work with them to start, with the possibility of more work down the line. LifeSnapz is run by Brian Hand, the creator of ShopLocal (back then it was called Sales Hound, and then CrossMedia Services), […]

  • Interview today! – Day 7

    So today I have an interview, and it’s looking pretty promising. There was another scheduled for today, but it was moved to tomorrow, which is good since it was going to involve quite a bit of transportation juggling to make it to both on the same day. The locations of the two places are just […]

  • It’s cold outside, perfect job hunting weather. Day 5

    I implied, but didn’t state, that my plan for finding a new job was for the weekday portion of the week. The weekends I intend to still strive towards that goal, but I also need some time to recharge and ready myself for the next week. So the weekends are mine, which means that I […]