Do I need to keep this up? Day 8

Hi peeps!

Today I had yet another interview, and it went quite well. I have already been informed that they wanted me back for a second interview as soon as tomorrow. Though given the weather, and the fact that the recruiter called me earlier and said Monday was also possible, I am thinking it will be Monday.

The opportunity sounds like something I have been looking to do. It is about 50% coding/development, and with the other 50% being management of the teams, external resources, and client interactions. Definitely something I have done before, and also enjoyed doing. Lots of new development, since it is an advertising agency, and the projects are more short term. They use Subversion, which is cool, since I find Subversion to be a very very good thing for version control and asset management.

What else? Most of the Christmas shopping is done, and I have started on the freelance project, though mostly the planning, since coding it was a bit difficult with all the running around I had to do today. Oh, and for anyone wanting to find 10 South Lasalle in Chicago, Google Maps puts it about 10 blocks north of where it actually is. So I got very very cold walking around for a half hour trying to find the place I was needing to be. Good thing I had planned on getting lost. Though I hadn’t planned on getting that lost, or on being outside that long. Brrr.

Tomorrow, coding, and probably either staying inside, or heading to Panera. Depends on the weather where I do the coding.

I apologize for the lateness of the posting, the start of the interviewing was at 9:30am, so I had to be out of the house by 7:30am to make the right train.

Search nearly over – still day 7!

Today I had my interview, it was with LifeSnapz, go there, check them out. I will be doing some Flash/Flex work with them to start, with the possibility of more work down the line. LifeSnapz is run by Brian Hand, the creator of ShopLocal (back then it was called Sales Hound, and then CrossMedia Services), he is a great guy to work with, and I am looking forward to working with him again.

I still have my interview tomorrow, and I have another possible coming up soon. Things look really good right now. Thank you all for your support.

I will continue blogging for the forseeable future, but perhaps I can do it about things other than my job hunting. Here’s to hoping!

Interview today! – Day 7

So today I have an interview, and it’s looking pretty promising. There was another scheduled for today, but it was moved to tomorrow, which is good since it was going to involve quite a bit of transportation juggling to make it to both on the same day. The locations of the two places are just too far apart to make it easy.

I was able to get a few more things cleared off of my plate relating to the household that had needed doing for a while. Even cleaned up in the basement a bit.

As far as the coding front is going, I am still working on the id3 tagging AIR application, and have hit a snag with it. I can get the file loaded, I can *almost* read them, but not quite. So I need to dig into that a little deeper. I may just need to write the bit parsing myself. Right now I am working with Metaphile’s open source parsing classes, but I just can’t get them to pull in the data. It’s not helping that there isn’t any documentation and very little commenting in the code. I am reading the code, but there are a few spots that seem unfinished. I am probably missing something simple, rather than them actually being unfinished. So if anyone out there would like to help me out, I would appreciate the insight you could give me.

Lots of snow here today, driving was not fun. I hope tomorrow is clear. Oh, and that is one thing I need to mention. When your prospective employer emails you and asks if you want to reschedule because of the heavy snow, that is a really good sign that you want to work for them.

It’s cold outside, perfect job hunting weather. Day 5

I implied, but didn’t state, that my plan for finding a new job was for the weekday portion of the week. The weekends I intend to still strive towards that goal, but I also need some time to recharge and ready myself for the next week. So the weekends are mine, which means that I usually won’t be posting anything on them.

Ok, Friday turned up some good leads, that I hope will turn something up today. I am going to be following up on them today. Today is also recruiter calling day; which I will start at 9:30am to give them time to get into the office and ready for the day.

From my experiences of many years as a contractor, I know that this time of year generally has a dearth of hirings. It should break open in January, but I need to be looking now, so that when the budgets open up for hiring, the employers already know who I am and want to hire me.

On an interesting note, I was able to get a small contract for writing fiction just by putting my name out there. It’s for 5,000 words, and something I should be able to do quickly. I just need to finish up the Flash work I am doing for the same client first; that I am working on today.

This last weekend I went to the Museum of Science and Industry, and it really helped recharge my brain. Lots of interesting things to see and do there that spark the imagination, and a great many things for kids to do. Much more than when I went just a few years ago. I recommend it, especially if you need to get out of the house and recharge your brain with ideas.

Not a whole lot since Friday on the job front other than what I listed above. I don’t want to list specifics, they never quite seem to pan out when I talk about them. The blogging’s over, so now on to the rest of my day!