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  • The search must go on…

    It had seemed that my search for jobs had ended shortly after it had started, but my freelance project ended earlier than expected, and while they will probably have more work for my by the end of the month, I would like to be working until that time. So right now I am looking for […]

  • Keeping myself marketable

    It’s day something, 19 21, that’s it. I decided to leave off the days from now on, since it seems my finances are stable again. Starting my own business isn’t ever going to be finished though, so I can’t say my job search is over. Right now I am doing work with LifeSnapz, and have […]

  • Is it really “The Grind” when you are having a ball? – Day 12

    So my interview is probably postponed until January 5th or after due to the holidays and people being out of the office. This isn’t really a surprise, since I have been through this part of the year when I was contracting before. Since I have the one freelance contract right now, I’ll be fine until […]

  • Snowed in, but still on the hunt – Day 9

    Hello again, So yesterday I posted a question of do I keep up the hunt or not. Sleeping on it, I realized that I was not as comfortable with my current status to stop the hunt. Today, I am going to follow up with my recruiters and see where things stand. The interview was postponed, […]