Twitter Updates for 2007-05-06

  • My BBQ ribs technique needs a little work. #
  • @tabz What?! #
  • @tabz He’s here in Chicago? #
  • @tabz Ah… oops! #
  • @nukehavoc True, though it is still better than being woken in the middle of the night with it! #
  • @nukehavoc Gotta look on the bright side of the puking. #
  • @nukehavoc That is true, you may have more technicolor joy to come. #
  • @nukehavoc Hope she feels better soon. #
  • @tabz What channel is Bonez on? #
  • @tabz Hmmm… Dr Who is my choice, but I don’t have any. Firefly? #
  • I vote Supernatural, since I have seen more Bones and I like Supernatural better. #
  • Watching the Mars rover bounce down to a landing. #
  • Up watching the girls, letting Erin sleep in. #
  • Back from meeting some Browncoats (had to leave early so the girls could nap). #
  • About to run the next Out in the Black session for After Serenity. I hope the players are able to make it! #
  • @nukehavoc GenCon’s registration has never been good. A friend of mine and I made one several years ago. #
  • @nukehavoc GenCon didn’t want it. #
  • @nukehavoc We tried to sell them an event registration and scheduling system/site. #
  • @nukehavoc There is also a webform based signup. #
  • @nukehavoc Don’t forget to search for Serenity in game system. 🙂 #
  • @nukehavoc Most of them are run by After Serenity (me and two other gms) #

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