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  • Checking to see if an npm package is tree shake-able (is-esm)

    Sometimes on a project I need to know if an npm package is tree shake-able. The is-esm utility checks to see if the package contains a distribution with ECMAScript module and outputs. To run it: `npx is-esm PACKAGE_NAME` ex: `npx is-esm @angular/core` Minko Gechev originally posted this method on Twitter. At least that is where […]

  • Development on a Pixelbook?!?

    Development on a Pixelbook?!?

    I’ve started on a strange journey, one I didn’t think was possible before. I don’t even know if it is possible now, though I have started on it. I’m attempting to do all of my development work and teaching Angular on a Pixelbook. I’m not the first to start this journey, but I haven’t found […]

  • Publishing an Angular library with assets

    Publishing an Angular library with assets

    In the current Angular CLI (Angular 8 at the time of this writing) the tooling for libraries is really good except for one area, assets. Unlike when you build a project for production, building a library does not package assets like you might expect. tl;dr – the boiled down steps Build the library This article […]

  • Body and Mind Hacking (An experience with physical therapy and conferences.)

    So recently I went to the excellent ng-conf in Salt Lake City, Utah. Going to conferences has always been something that I have enjoyed to one degree or another, and ng-conf was no different. The people have a passion for what they do, and how they do it. Except for one person, which I will […]