Category: Vegas After Midnight

  • Update on Vegas After Midnight

    So I said I would try out ScribeFire from the train, and I am. I thought I would add in some interesting information for those who are following the development of Vegas After Midnight as well, just to make things more interesting to you, the reader. I’ve been working on a few things to get […]

  • Update on VAM and podcasting

    Of late, I have been endeavoring to work on Vegas After Midnight and mostly been succeeding. I visited Mick for three days and we hashed out a bunch of stuff for the alpha testing. At least some initial stuff. We have a looong way to go, and getting time to write up what we talked […]

  • Not too sure about the New Year.

    Well, things haven’t been going as well as hoped for in this new year of 2008. I have been thinking a good deal about Vegas After Midnight, but work, yeah mostly work, has prevented me from feeling creative enough to actually write much. I write when I can on it, but I feel that the […]

  • Feeling burned out…

    I am not sure if it is post Gen Con funk, or just too much work, but I am feeling really burned out and just want to walk away from everything for a while. With family, work, The Game Master Show, Vegas After Midnight, my weekly game, The Signal, and everything else that fits into […]