Things are moving along – Day 6

Yesterday was a pretty full day. I worked on some things for the company I started with some colleagues a few months ago for some freelance work, and one of the first sites that we are putting together for ourselves is nearly done. It’s a gaming review site, and we some reviewers lined up for it. Go on over and take a look, I’ll also announce it when it is ready and we have some more reviews on it.

As far as the job hunt goes, some of the leads that I had last Friday are panning out. I have an interview on Wednesday, and I am fairly sure it has a decent chance of turning into work. I am also working on another writing contract, we’ll see if that pans out as well.

As far as all the coding projects, other than the Game Cryer one, I restarted my id3 tagging AIR project, and I hope to have an iteration of it done by the end of the week. Unless of course I have some more paying work that gets in the way.

Here’s to hard work and hoping.

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