The search must go on…

It had seemed that my search for jobs had ended shortly after it had started, but my freelance project ended earlier than expected, and while they will probably have more work for my by the end of the month, I would like to be working until that time.

So right now I am looking for more work, especially contract, but more and more the stability of the full time position is looking really good. I have another interview tomorrow for one, and it looks to be somewhere I would like to work.

Tomorrow I also go to Flex Camp Chicago, both to learn more about Flex and to meet people in the Chicago area Flex community. It’s the first real conference I have been to in a long time, and I am looking forward to it.

It turns out that my resume seems to focus on my design skills, which I really haven’t used in the last 4.5 years. I am definitely a developer, and one that knows OOP and Design Patterns. This doesn’t do me justice when I am in interviews unfortunately, so a revision of the resume is in order.

Speaking of interviews, I do have a gripe. I’ll try to stay as positive as possible, but it is going to be hard. I have had several technical interviews over the last few weeks, and two stand out as WTF moments. Here I am, a Flash and Flex developer, and in both of these interviews I am asked about 2 questions on ActionScript development. The rest of them were all on HTML, CSS (in web pages, not in Flex), and JavaScript. After both interviewers told me that they were not ActionScript developers, and they then asked their questions about JavaScript and HTML, I should have stopped the interview right there and asked them if they were going to ask any questions relating to the actual skills that I had. As it turns out, I did poorly on those “technical” interviews, since I haven’t used any of those skills in 4.5 years, and it isn’t something that I want to do with my career anyway. Ok, I do want to learn AJAX, but I already know that I couldn’t answer questions on it now. So live and learn I suppose. The next time I get into that situation, I will be polite but firm about asking if they are going to ask Flex and Flash development questions, and if they say no, then I will end the interview, letting them know that I am not a JavaScript, HTML, and CSS developer.

On to more positive stuff. I have become a developer on the newly open sourced, and I am going to be learning Python to work with it. It’s a language that intrigues me, and in addition to that, learning several languages will inform my coding overall. The Stone Table project is also something that is being taken out of mothballs, Chris Miller and I are reviving it, and I hope that Ken Newquist will also rejoin us.

Enough for now, back to coding!


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