DIY perils, why whatever do you mean?

This weekend was certainly a full one.

IMG_20130921_145657With the help of my parents, my father in the yard and my mother watching the girls and helping around the house, and Erin, I was able to get more work on the deck done.

Forty nine, 49, 4 * 10 + 9, bags of cement were mixed, poured, and leveled, into 26 holes in the ground. If you recall from the last deck update, those holes are 42 inches deep. So 3 feet 6 inches, 8 inches in diameter holes are now filled with cement.

There is still a huge amount of work to be done on the deck. It’s been nice to have something go right for once.

IMG_20130921_145804Over this next week we will be putting in the plates to secure the posts, and possibly putting in the posts. Depending on the cost, we will be getting a delivery or more of wood soon for the rest of the deck. The building permit runs out in October, so we are also looking into what it takes to extend that. If we can’t then we will be quite busy in the next few weeks!



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