Slowing down, to get more things done.

If you have been reading along, or know me personally, it is no surprise that I go from subject to subject, project to project. I’m a consultant for that reason. I normally on a project for a short time, from two weeks to three months, and then I’m off on the next one. It suits me. I have enjoyed working on longer term projects, as long as when I am, I am doing new things in that project.

The problem with that process outside of work, is finishing things. I generally have several projects going at one time. It’s not new for me. Recently, though I have been handling it differently.

In the last several months I have cut out 99% of my gaming. The MMO I was playing has some great friends and roleplayers on it, but it just took up too much of my time. Television via Hulu and Netflix have been cut down to almost nothing as well. It’s amazing how much time you have to become a producer when you cease being a consumer.

I haven’t stopped altogether though. I’ve been reading more, and researching for the projects that I am working on. I’ve also been selectively consuming mass amounts of YouTube videos. Not all of them project related, some for just entertainment, but even in those I find inspiration now. All of them are DIY, even when they have become successful, they have been at one point a small operation.

Refocusing and becoming a producer of things instead of trying to do projects and consuming entertainment media has helped me with focusing on finishing my projects. Since most of the things pulling at my attention are projects of mine, I am getting those projects closer and closer to completion. I’ve completed several over the last few months, like the small laser cutter, a bookshelf for my oldest daughter, and general things around the house.

Deadlines also help as well. I finished a book recently, which you will hear more about soon, thanks to a set of deadlines I had from the publisher, as well as my own word count goals. I’ve also set deadlines for my secret project, and my building permit for my deck runs out soon. Those keep me focused as well.

It’s not perfect, but it’s still better than before. Over the next month, through the rest of the year, I will be keeping up the pace. I invite you all to keep me honest and on my toes if I start slipping behind.


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  1. With all of the things I have been thinking about and doing while also writing this post, I had forgotten what was a big influence in getting the idea to the fore in my brain.

    My friend and co-worker, Rob Randall, wrote a post recently: Do What You Want. Period. (

    He says the things I have said here in better way than I managed this time. Go over, check out his article. He has some good things to say.

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