The yearly update 2024

I’ve never been a consistent blogger, though I have always wanted to be. As my kids have gone off to college, I have almost entirely put aside video games, and have started a series of novel writing courses, I find myself wanting to write more.

This blog has always been a mix of my life, technical thoughts, DIY, and gaming of various sorts. The mix of which may change in ratio, but I don’t see the topics changing much.

I am sitting right now in a hotel room during a gaming convention, Polar Vortex 2024. The rest of the family is playing Sparks (Star Wars d6 WEG, a living campaign that’s been going on for over three decades). The table was full, so I let the rest of the family who was more enthusiastic about it play while I took this time to relax and write.

I’m in the midst of several projects, as I am known to be.

I’ve got a good start on a gaming coffee table. Something I have always wanted to have since I was a child and put together puzzles in my parent’s butler table. I didn’t know it was for gaming, at the time I wanted to be able to put a lid on top of the puzzles we would do at Christmas time so they wouldn’t be destroyed by pets. This coffee table will serve such a use, but also be useful for board games, and hopefully in person rpg games.

The current progress is the tapered legs. The cold prevented me from working in the garage shop. When the glue freezes before it dries, it’s not a good time to build furniture.

The writing class I mentioned before is going well. My goal is to get a novel out of it. Past that, I’d love to be able to get it published. Past publishing, or while I’m seeking it out, I plan to keep writing. Lofty goals from me, since life often puts other things ahead of that in the schedule. This set of goals is a primary reason for why the video games have taken more of a back seat.

Speaking of which, I’m going to sign off for now and get to writing more in the novel.


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