It’s cold outside, perfect job hunting weather. Day 5

I implied, but didn’t state, that my plan for finding a new job was for the weekday portion of the week. The weekends I intend to still strive towards that goal, but I also need some time to recharge and ready myself for the next week. So the weekends are mine, which means that I usually won’t be posting anything on them.

Ok, Friday turned up some good leads, that I hope will turn something up today. I am going to be following up on them today. Today is also recruiter calling day; which I will start at 9:30am to give them time to get into the office and ready for the day.

From my experiences of many years as a contractor, I know that this time of year generally has a dearth of hirings. It should break open in January, but I need to be looking now, so that when the budgets open up for hiring, the employers already know who I am and want to hire me.

On an interesting note, I was able to get a small contract for writing fiction just by putting my name out there. It’s for 5,000 words, and something I should be able to do quickly. I just need to finish up the Flash work I am doing for the same client first; that I am working on today.

This last weekend I went to the Museum of Science and Industry, and it really helped recharge my brain. Lots of interesting things to see and do there that spark the imagination, and a great many things for kids to do. Much more than when I went just a few years ago. I recommend it, especially if you need to get out of the house and recharge your brain with ideas.

Not a whole lot since Friday on the job front other than what I listed above. I don’t want to list specifics, they never quite seem to pan out when I talk about them. The blogging’s over, so now on to the rest of my day!

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