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  • 360|Flex – An amazing experience.

    So I got back from 360|Flex just the other day, and I am still excited about all of the people I met there, the things that I participated in, and the knowledge that I gained. The sessions were nearly all good, I gained both knowledge and varying ways of presenting from them. I did record […]

  • Flash Platform in 2009 by Kevin Hoyt – Flex Camp Chicago 2009

    This second episode is from the session by Kevin Hoyt, he is an evangelist with Adobe, and gives the keynote for the first day of Flex Camp Chicago. He talks about the Flash platform, what is upcoming for Flex and tools for designers to create user interfaces that work with Flex so that the developers […]

  • Overview of Flex and the Flash Platform for Newcomers and the Non-Technical by Michael Epstein – Flex Camp Chicago 2009

    This first episode is from the very first session, Overview of Flex and the Flash Platform for Newcomers and the Non-Technical, presented by Michael Epstein. Michael gives an overview of what Flex is, some of it’s roots, and also some of it’s competitors. I recorded all of these from a portable recorder, and the quality […]

  • Flex Camp Chicago 2009

    Today is day two of Flex Camp Chicago (#flexcampchi), yesterday was really informative even though I have been working in Flex for about nine months now. I got a chance to see a great deal of things that I haven’t needed to use yet in the platform, like video, 3D, and bringing up web pages […]